I assume you’re here about the iMessage stickers. Because that is the only thing here, so if you’re looking for something else, you’ll have to look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for stickers, just click any of the faux-App-Store icons below…

Download image link for Toasty McToastface ASCII iMessage Stickers

Avo McCado image link for ASCII iMessage stickers

Download Doppio McSpresso ASCII iMessage Stickers

This madness all started when I got a “butter toast plate” with a Hobonichi planner one year, and made a little face to stick on it with electrical tape. It’s unbearably cute, and gave me ideas. So after noodling around with Photoshop for hoooouuuuurs longer than any sane person would have, I had little Toasty McToastface here.

A mere year later, I made an avocado to keep him company (Avocado toast is a thing, I keep hearing!). Then I figured there was no reason not to expand my little empire, so along came Doppio McSpresso in short order, and now every time I think I have this page all sorted out to my liking, I have to re-do all the images to include a new food. Make all this weirdness worth my while! Buy some stickers. They’ll make you smile.

If you have a suggestion for an ASCII face that we’re not already using in our sticker packs, you could fill out our little form right here, and tell us about it. We’re also taking suggestions for new sticker themes. We’re thinking maybe doing an egg set next… Sunny-side-up? Over-easy? Hardboiled? All kinds of eggs, like an ASCII Gudetama? Help us decide!

(I hope you’re not having problems with them, but if you are the best support I can offer is sending you over to Apple’s support page about iMessage. They tell you all about how to install them, and there doesn’t seem to be much more to it than that.)